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We build and sell the world's BIGGEST, 8 feet tall rolling robots in the world. KING ROBOTA and technology are HUGE businesses and under high demand. You can utilize your custom robot year round, indoors and outdoors. Please note: all of robots are hand crafted and built by order, from the ground up. We are trendsetting artists with unique skills who have decided to share our successful robot concepts and creations with other entrepreneurs and investors who are looking to start a new business. We are not a factory. Therefore, we do not store robots.

HOW TO BECOME A ROBOT SHOW OWNER. It is a self-contained business, is easy to manage, and sells itself. KING ROBOTA robots are made from durable and strong materials that are built to last for years to come. Our robots are manufactured with major electronics and upgrades.

Send us an inquiry to receive a price quote and additional informatioin. To receive a fast reply, we require you to provide us with all information listed below; so that, our sales team may review your request and reply promptly. We are contacted by many individuals, all over the world, with different intentions. Therefore, the questions below are to give us a clear understanding of your business inquiry. Before releasing private and copyrighted information of our artists, we will need to know who you are, where you're located, and other information before doing business. Please email all information requested to

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  2. Are you an Entrepreneur, Entertainment Company, Event Planer, Amusement Park, or Personal Investor?
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All robot pricess are based upon electronics, size, speed control, and choice of robot. We have reinvented our robot concepts and creations to adapt to a fast growing technological world. In the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, we were the world’s only giant live robot show. However, like any other product, we were copied and imitated by other companies in the UK and other countries. While others are planning their future, we're busy making history!

All Prices Are Based on Choice of Robot, Size, and Electronic Upgrades. You can choose a giant, male or female, 8 feet tall robot.

KING ROBOTA is like an auto manufacture. Each year, we engineer new custom-built robots. We upgrade our new KING ROBOTA, from the ground up, to ensure that we do not have the same, repetititve look or shows, unlike other robot makers. You can choose a giant, 8 feet tall, male or female, wireless, remote controlled, rolling robot.Start Today!
  • DISCLAIMER: Beware of Imitations That are NOT KING ROBOTA Titanic robots will tell you ANYTHING to keep you from buying KING ROBOTA. They DO NOT want you to become a show owner or competitor. Start your own 8 feet tall, GIANT robot show TODAY! Your life will never be the same.

Choose an 8 feet tall rolling robot concept listed below.

8 Feet Tall Titanic Robot Model #215 Remote Controlled, Rolling Robots

8 Feet Tall Basic, Remote Controlled Titanic Robot Model #215. The most popular coloris automobile gray. Wireless robot controller reaches up to 1,000 feet working distance.

8 Feet Tall, Fully Loaded HR Model #216 Remote Controlled, Rolling Robots

8 Feet Tall Fully Loaded Model #216. Wireless robot controller reaches up to 1,000 feet working distance.

Choose A BIG, 16 Inch Tall, Male or Female Robot Head Concepts

You can choose a giant, custom, male or female, wireless, remote controlled robot head from our many concept images. These heads are 16 inches tall. Your big sized robot head will be tailor made to fit the body of your giant robot. These heads are fully remote controlled. Your robot's custom head will be tailor made to fit your robot's body. This is an upgrade feature.Wireless robot controller reaches up to 1,000 feet working distance.

Custom Work, Upgrades and Extended Robotic Electronic Features


Custom Robot Orders - You Dream It, We Build It - From 8 - 16 Feet Tall

We have many years of experience building customized robots. We can custom design and build your robot to your liking. We will bring your ideas to life, from the ground up with durable materials and major electronics. Wireless robot controller reaches up to 1,000 feet working distance.

Custom Robot Head With Eye Water Jet Sprayers, Crying Effects

Upgrade your custom robot head to have water jet sprayers installed in the eye area. You can make your robot cry with comedy effects. This unit can be used as a special effect for your robot to make gestures of crying or to act out songs that sing about raining, crying, or comedy. This is an upgrade feature operated by wireless, remote control.

Custom Robot Digital Voice Changer With Wireless Microphone

Your robot can talk in many different voices with our robot voice changer. This device comes with a robot voice changer and wireless microphone for your robot to speak LIVE at shows or events. The voice changer will give you a wave, while transferring your voice in many different robotic vibrations.This is an upgrade feature.

Rent KING ROBOTA for Your Next Event

Corporate Events & Product Launches

The business world is changing. Are you changing with it? Robots and technology are very popular. Book KING ROBOTA for your corporate events or to launch a product. KING ROBOTA can open conferences, interact at meet and greets, and be utilized during entertainment sessions. He will captivate and amaze your guests leaving them talking about your event for weeks to come.

Trade Shows & Auto Shows

The 8 foot tall robot, KING ROBOTA, guarantees HUGE attention at your event. KING ROBOTA can convey your scripted message while promoting your product or event.. The fact is, KING ROBOTA is a walking 8 foot billboard of advertisement for the entire event or booth. KING ROBOTA can host, interact, and perform at your event in addtion to displaying your logo(s) on his chest plate.

Festivals, Fairs,& Special Events

Out of all of the entertainment that you will choose to book for your festival or fair, KING ROBOTA is your headline choice. With his massive size - standing 8 feet tal - KING ROBOTA is a perfect fit for your next festival or fair. KING ROBOTA roams with a hilarious sense of humor while interacting, entertaining, and promoting your event. He will surely captivate and amaze your guests.

DISCLAIMER: Beware of Robot Imitations That Are NOT KING ROBOTA Robots


Titanic robots will tell you ANYTHING to keep you from buying our GIANT, KING ROBOTA robots. They DO NOT want you to become a show owner or competitor. Start your own GIANT, robot show TODAY!

CAUTION: Do not be misled by cyber puppetry robots acting as KING ROBOTA.

1. Ask Titanic Robots Puppets: What moves on your robot electronically? The fact is that only the head and mouth moves on Titanic robots with basic toy servos. This, obviously, means that Titanic is only a string puppetry.

2. KING ROBOTA was founded in 1974 and comes from three generations of robot creations, under different names throughout the years. We were the first int he world to launch the giant, robot, public, live entertainment show. The HOLLYWOOD ROBOT concept was, then, copied out of The United Kingdom in the early 90's. After years of KING ROBOTA discovering the copycats and imitators, we have decided to reinvent our robot creations into a more innovative, high tech direction which will leave the imitators years behind.

3. The fact is that any big robot LIVE shows that you see on the Internet were either built or inspired by KING ROBOTA, since 1974. KING ROBOTA makes many different robot models, that don't have the same look. Other robot companies use the exact same look for years. This does not leave any room for the WOW factor. We promote the fact that we are the first and leading robot show; because, we have stood the test of time. We are the first and leading robot show in the world. Buy a robot from the best and leading LIVE show robot company on the planet, since 1974.

4. DO NOT BE MISLEAD BY STRING PUPPETRY ROBOTS AND OTHER IMITATIONS. Other robot companies consistently use overused and dated models - unlike our new GIANT models at KING ROBOTA. If you buy a robot from KING ROBOTA, we will build it to be AWESOME, with NO competition. The consistentsy of KING ROBOTA's images and creations makes it obvious that we do not need to imitate or copy any other robots.

Our Clients

KING ROBOTA's clients are available on video from our many years of service, since 1974.