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KING ROBOTA is a 10 feet tall, talking and singing robot that interacts with your guests while conveying your message LIVE. KING ROBOTA will display your logo on his BIG TV robotic chest plate. He opens each presentation with a combination of comedy, sound effects, and innovative technology that will captivate your guests leaving them talking for weeks to come.

KING ROBOTA looks like something out of a Hollywood movie. He has a built in sound system, with a strong robotic voice to verbally and musically WOW any audience. The world is changing. So should the way that you choose your attractions or event entertainment. KING ROBOTA has a HUGE following and is loved by millions, worldwide. Everyone has seen him on world TV. Now, you can bring KING ROBOTA to your next event or exhibit. He is utilized by corporations and event companies worldwide. KING ROBOTA is the first and leading BIG robot live show, since 1974. KING ROBOTA is the BIGGEST and most followed robot show worldwide on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

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KING ROBOTA's clients are available on video from our many years of service, since 1974.