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The KING ROBOTA Innovation Transforms Education Into Motivation

An 8 Feet Tall Robot, KING ROBOTA, Anti-Bullying Program

We provide a unique concept with KING ROBOTA; whereas, he demonstrates how Innovation Transforms Education Into Motivation. Bullying leads to depression, low self-esteem, health problems, poor grades and even suicidal thoughts. Bullying creates an environment where students have trouble learning, feel insecure, and dislike school. Plus, studies have shown that a percent of students in school have been bullied several times and some are bullied weekly. Clearly, this is a problem that needs to be addressed. KING ROBOTA has the advanced technology to creatively draw your students’ attention using a mixture of music and comedy, while capturing their minds to leave positive messages. KING ROBOTA has been awarded as the real-life Robo-Cop hero for kids worldwide. With his hi-tech, strategic, and industrial-sized build, he has become a world renowned positive and motivating figure for students.

What messages does KING ROBOTA promote to students?

  • Smart kids say no to violence and yes to a positive lifestyle.
  • Adults have the power to turn bullies off.
  • Size Doesn’t Matter. Make Bullies Scatter.

KING ROBOTA is proud to present our newest program, Innovation Transforms Education Into Motivation! based on techniques aimed at empowering victims. This fast paced interactive school assembly program is packed with important lessons imparted through lots of audience participation, singing, dancing, comedy, role playing, and lots of FUN!

The KING ROBOTA Innovation Transforms Education Into Motivation also features extensive use of real-life scenarios designed to push important points aimed at helping students avoid becoming the victim of bulling or a negative way of life.

This awesome new program is an exciting, fun and important new addition to KING ROBOTA's roster of programs, and one we are sure will WOW your school’s students and staff! Book The KING ROBOTA Innovation Transforms Education Into Motivation at your school this year and start a trend to bring bullying to an end.

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The KING ROBOTA Innovation Transforms Education Into Motivation

Program Summary

Grade Level:

Please note: we soften our presentations for elementary students and step it up for the young adults of high school.

Size of Robot Performance Area:

All performances are based on the location and area of auditorium, lunch room, or gymnasium – depending on your size of the student audience.

Performance Time:

40-45 minutes

Setup Time:

1-2 hours before performance

Load Out Time:

45 minutes

Required Utilities:

Two 6'-8' banquet tables. Private dressing room to for robot and Assistant’s staff.

For years KING ROBOTA has worked with The ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) and Crime Stoppers.