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Prices are based on location, times, and venue.

Send us an inquiry about your event to receive a price quote and additional information. To receive a fast reply, we require you to provide us with all information listed below; so that, our sales team may review your request and reply promptly. We are contacted by many individuals, all over the world, with different special events. The fact is: our robot can fit into any event; as, he can do meet and greets, interact with guests, draw attention to your event, or be utilized as headline entertainment. Therefore, the questions below are to give us a clear understanding of your event inquiry. Please email all information requested to

  1. What is your first and last name?
  2. What is your company's name?
  3. What is your position?
  4. Company Website Link
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  7. What is the name of event?
  8. Is this your event, or are you booking this event for a client?
  9. What is the date(s) of your event?
  10. What is the location of your event?

  1. Is your event indoors, outdoors, or both?
  2. Type of event (corporate, trade show, product launch, festival, fair, music festivals, commercial, auto show, company function, company conference, company convention, grand opening, live promotions, dealership sales, or special event)?
  3. How did you hear about us?
  4. Would you like to promote your company logo on the robot's TV screen chest with live promotions?

Book KING ROBOTA for Your Next Event

Corporate Events, Product Launches, Brand Building, and Conferences

We are living in a hi-tech world. Robots and technology are very popular. You can utilize the 10 feet tall, talking robot, KING ROBOTA, for brand building, openings, meet-and-greets, and etc. – all while displaying your logo on his BIG TV chest plate. The robot specializes in unique talent and can convey your custom scripted presentations or brand, LIVE, in real time. He uses his hilarious, interactive, entertainment skills while captivating your guest . The robot is, also, perfect for company functions. He can be used for product launches, meeting openers, team building activities, awards dinners, and etc.

Trade Shows, Auto Shows, LIVE Promotions and Entertainment

The 10 feet tall robot, KING ROBOTA, guarantees HUGE attention at your event. KING ROBOTA can convey your scripted messages while promoting your product or event. KING ROBOTA is a mobile 10 feet tall robot that towers over your exhibit or event to WOW your guests while displaying your logo on his BIG chest plate. KING ROBOTA can do LIVE street promotions, with his built in sound and state of the art electronic features. KING ROBOTA is VERY effective at auto shows, car dealerships, LIVE street promotions, and advertisement ideas.

Festivals, Fairs, Education, Special Events, and Street Promotions

People of ALL ages like and are AMAZED by KING ROBOTA. He is the most memorable act and is the headline choice for any festival, fair, or event. With his movie quality look, standing 10 feet tall, KING ROBOTA can be utilized both indoors and outdoors. KING ROBOTA roams with a hilarious sense of humor while interacting, entertaining, and promoting your event. KING ROBOTA will play a big part in helping to boost your ticket sales, while generating great crowds and repeat customers. If you are having a grand opening, KING ROBOTA will literally play a HUGE part as his mission will be to STOP massive crowds. KING ROBOTA interacts and entertains. As people STOP, he begins conveying your message(s) LIVE.


You can have the 10 feet tall robot display your company's brand or logo on his big TV chest monitor. He DRAWS huge crowds.



Frequently Asked Questions for Renting a Robot

  1. Why is KING ROBOTA in high demand to book events? As you know, we are living in a hi-tech world. Robots and technology are extremely popular to all people. KING ROBOTA looks like something out of a movie. As he interacts with people, up close and personal, they are captivated with his hilarious sense of humor, robotic voice, abd state-of-the-art electronics. Many event planners have realized that the world is changing and technology is growing at a fast pace. Therefore, KING ROBOTA has become fit for trade shows, brand building, product launches, corporate conferences, festivals, and many more. KING ROBOTA stands out in your event - merging into your event with entertainment, live promotions, and comedy skits. All of this while giving your guests that WOW factor. BOOK THE WORLD FAMOUS ROBOT, KING ROBOTA, FOR YOUR EVENT TODAY.
  2. What is the price for renting KING ROBOTA? All prices are based on location, time, and venue. KING ROBOTA is in high demand due to TV and international success. Therefore if you are serious about booking him, you may want to contact us today to secure and lock in your dates. KING ROBOTA can convey your message(s), with his robotic voice, LIVE, in real time. In addition, he can display your logos, videos, or messages on the TV monitor of his robotic chest. KING ROBOTA is a 10 feet tall mobile talking robot that towers over events to WOW and captivate your guests, leaving them talking about your event for weeks to come. KING ROBOTA has a built in sound system. He has hillarious humor and a unique ability to draw massive crowds, while entertaining and promoting your event.
  3. What does KING ROBOTA need for the show performance? KING ROBOTA has a built-in sound system, is self contained, and independent. He is not like costumed robots that need dressing rooms and extended breaks. This is because KING ROBOTA is an advanced robot. KING ROBOTA is self contained and independent. We will only need one 110 volt outlet, upon arrival at the event location, to charge the batteries. Unlike other entertainers that you hire, KING ROBOTA will become your main attraction; as, robots and technology are extremely popular in our high tech world. Therefore, he will need some crowd control. He is literally a big celebrity hi-tech Figure.
  4. How much space is needed? Although KING ROBOTA is tall, he is small around the surrounding bottom base to fit in small areas. The bottom base is only 4' x 5'. KING ROBOTA is very flexible and has worked in both small tradeshow booth spaces to large areas. KING ROBOTA comes with a floor assistant to direct, control, and operate during your event.
  5. Where has KING ROBOTA performed? KING ROBOTA has performed for Fortune 500 companys, worldwide, for many years and landed long term contracts with well renowned companies like Intel, Dell Corporate (Austin TX), NASA (in Houston, TX), CES (in Las Vegas), SXSW Music and Film Fest (in TX), Nissan, ATF, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and many more. Please note: We have video of our robot for any company that we have performed for throughout the years. See our many other clients here. As everyone knows, from our famous interview with Simon Cowell on America's Got Talent, KING ROBOTA has three generations of artistic robotic creations and developments. Our reputation has been built on supporting the success of our clients, throughout the years. Also to see even more events, you can always simply look at the background of the video our robot is on.
  6. What is the difference in KING ROBOTA and other performers? The big difference in KING ROBOTA . Other robots are basic walk around costumes, with a man showing. Costume robots are high maintenance. The performers need over extended breaks. KING ROBOTA does not need breaks. Because of the high technology of KINGROBOTA, he does not need a dressing room. KING ROBOTA arrives ready to go to start the event. The fact is: People in today's world are very techy and smart and will begin to say that there is a man inside and it's fake. KING ROBOTA is more innovative. They are even impressive to NASA Spac e Center.

  7. Book your event today! We look forward to bringing the innovative, 10 feet tall robot, to your event - helping make your event memorable and successful.