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KING ROBOTA is a 10 feet tall, talking and singing robot that interacts with your guests while conveying your message. He opens each presentation with a combination of comedy, sound effects, and innovative technology that will captivate your guests.

KING ROBOTA is an amazing product of Hollywood Robots.Technology is moving at a fast pace. The world is changing. So should the way that you choose the attractions at your event. People love robots and technology, worldwide.

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Impress Your Guests

Prices are based on location, times, and venue.

Send us an inquiry about your event to receive a price quote and additional informatioin. To receive a fast reply, we require you to provide us with all information listed below; so that, our sales team may review your request and reply promptly. We are contacted by many individuals, all over the world, with different special events. The fact is: our robot can fit into any event; as, he can do meet and greets, interact with guests, draw attention to your event, or be utilized as headline entertainment. Therefore, the questions below are to give us a clear understanding of your event inquiry. Please email all information requested to

  1. What is your first and last name?
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  1. Is your event indoors, outdoors, or both?
  2. Type of event (corporate, trade show, product launch, festival, fair, music festivals, commercial, auto show, company function, company conference, company convention, grand opening, live promotions, dealership sales, or special event)?
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  4. Would you like to promote your company logo on the robot's TV screen chest with live promotions?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does KING ROBOTA need for the show performance?KING ROBOTA is self contained and independent. We only need one 110 volt outlet to charge the batteries. KING ROBOTA has a built in sound system. He talks live, in real time with extraordinary humor and the ability to convey your scripted material(s), on the spot.
  2. How much space is needed? KING ROBOTA is very flexible and has worked in small tradeshow booth spaces to large areas. KING ROBOTA comes with an enclosed, private, small control booth that is completely wireless and utilized to control and operate in short or long distances.
  3. Where has KING ROBOTA performed? KING ROBOTA has performed for Fortune 500 companys for many years and landed long term contracts with well renowned companies like NASA, Intel, Nissan, ATF, and many more. Please note: we have video for any company that we have performed for throughout the years. See our many other clients here. As everyone knows from the famous interview with Simon Cowell on America's Got Talent, KING ROBOTA has three generations of artistic robotic creations and developments. Our reputation has been built on supporting the success of our clients, throughout the years.
  4. Is KING ROBOTA real or a robot costume with a man inside? Our new 2016 KING ROBOTA model is a 100% fully functional, wireless, remote controlled robot. KING ROBOTA is not a costume - nor is there a man inside. The fact is, technology is moving at a fast pace. Costumed robots are coming to an end. Costumed robots are high maintenance - while needing dressing rooms, extended breaks for performers to hide the fake technology. In addition, costume robots have been known to draw negative comments about the robot being fake or having a man inside. This reflects the honesty and the professional reputation of your event. Lastly, if you look on the Internet, kids and other hobbyist are making robot costumes. These costumes make it not as professional or appealing as a real robot. In today's world, people do not like their intelligence insulted. Many are very techie and computer savvy. Although we used to make different robots, we are now reinventing KING ROBOTA to be the most innovative and greatest robot show in the world. While others plan their future, we are busy making history.

Book KING ROBOTA for Your Next Event

Corporate Events & Product Launches

The business world is changing. Are you changing with it? Robots and technology are very popular. Book KING ROBOTA for your corporate events or to launch a product. KING ROBOTA can open conferences, interact at meet and greets, and be utilized during entertainment sessions. He will captivate and amaze your guests leaving them talking about your event for weeks to come.

Trade Shows & Auto Shows

The 8 foot tall robot, KING ROBOTA, guarantees HUGE attention at your event. KING ROBOTA can convey your scripted message while promoting your product or event.. The fact is, KING ROBOTA is a walking 8 foot billboard of advertisement for the entire event or booth. KING ROBOTA can host, interact, and perform at your event in addtion to displaying your logo(s) on his chest plate.

Festivals, Fairs,& Special Events

Out of all of the entertainment that you will choose to book for your festival or fair, KING ROBOTA is your headline choice. With his massive size - standing 8 feet tal - KING ROBOTA is a perfect fit for your next festival or fair. KING ROBOTA roams with a hilarious sense of humor while interacting, entertaining, and promoting your event. He will surely captivate and amaze your guests.

Our Clients

KING ROBOTA's clients are available on video from our many years of service, since 1974.