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BIG 8 Feet Tall High-Tech Robots For Sale

KING ROBOTA Robots is the first and leading BIG robot entertainment makers, since 1974. You can utilize your robot year round for corporate events, tradeshows, festivals, auto shows, TV, and many more - all while having fun doing it. KING ROBOTA makes 100%, real, mobile robots and exoskeletons.

Your robot will captivate and AMAZE people of all ages.


Send us an inquiry to receive a price quote. To receive a reply, we require you to provide us with all information listed below; so that, our sales team may review your request and reply promptly. Please email all information requested below to, with the subject "Inquiry to Purchase a Robot".

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  7. What country and/or region do you live in?
  8. Are there any of our robots, in motion, on our video that you are interested in?
  9. What country/region are you planning on using your robot?
  1. Do you want an 8 feet tall real, wireless, remote-controlled robot?
  2. Do you want an 8 feet tall robot exoskeleton operated by a performer inside?
  3. Do you want the 7 feet tall, life-sized, robot horse?
  4. Do you want the life-size, 8 feet long, remote controlled space car?
  5. Do you want the 4 feet tall, GIANT, robot hand?
  6. When do you plan to buy your robot?

KING ROBOTA's live show concept started in 1974. The fact is that any BIG robot shows that you see, KING ROBOTA has either engineered, built, or inspired them since 1974. KING ROBOTA is the PIONEER of LIVE robot shows. While others plan their future, KING ROBOTA's busy making history.

BRACE YOURSELVES for KING ROBOTA, The Official Future of Entertainment.


All Prices Are Based on Choice of Robot, Size, and Electronic Upgrades.

KING ROBOTA makes and sells the BIGGEST LIVE robot entertainment in the world, since 1974. We upgrade new KING ROBOTA robots, from the ground up, to ensure that we do not have the same, repetititve look or shows.
  • KING ROBOTA'S real robots can be upgraded to have a built in sound system, a wireless robot voice changer, and many other features. Your new BIG robot can be utilized, year 'round, for corporate events, trade shows, auto shows, festivals, product launches, and many more. Your new robot show will be a big hit and become very popular off of the success of the world famous KING ROBOTA. Start your own 8 feet tall robot show TODAY.

Which robot model listed below are you interested in?

8 Foot Tall KR-14 Robots Chrome Colored Made with Major Electronics

8 Foot Tall Basic KR-14 Robot comes with animated head and neck, motorized mouth, and multi-colored lights operated manually by performer or can be upgraded to a remote controlled, wireless, 100% real robot with no man inside. Wireless robot controller reaches up to 200 feet working distance from your robot location.

8- 10 Feet Tall Remote Controlled, Real Robots with No Man Inside

REAL, Fully Loaded 8- 10 Feet Tall, Mobile, Animatronic, Remote Controlled Robots with no man inside. The new KING ROBOTA fully remote-controlled robot concept comes in many designs with major electronics. Wireless robot controller reaches up to 200 feet working distance from your robot location.

Custom Robot Orders - You Dream It, We Build It - From 8 - 16 Feet Tall

We have many years of experience building customized robots. We can custom design and build your robot to your liking. We will bring your ideas to life, from the ground up with durable materials and major electronics. Wireless robot controller reaches up to 200 feet working distance from your robot location.


Electronic Robot Upgrades and Extended Robot Features

Motorized Robot
Head and Hands

You can have your robot with fully functional motorized fingers with mototriized head and rotating wrists. This can be push button or wirelessl remote control. This is an upgrade feature.

Robot Eye Water Jet Sprayers, Crying Effects

You can make your robot cry with comedy effects. This unit is usually used for special effects for your robot to make gestures of crying or songs that sing about raining or crying/comedy. This is an upgrade feature.

Custom Robot Digital Voice Changer

Your robot can talk in many different voices with our robot voice changer. This device comes with a robot voice changer and wireless microphone for your robot to speak LIVE at shows or events. This is an upgrade feature.