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Our Clients

Our reputation has been built on supporting the success of our clients, including a host of Fortune 500 companies, like Dell (2 years at the Austin, TX Corporate Headquarters - KING ROBOTA advertising and promoting new products), Apple (KING ROBOTA with built-in iPad, grand openings, and product promotions), Digi-Key (KING ROBOTA represented as host for the world renowed corporation, Digi-Key.), and CES (KING ROBOTA accomplished the impossible in Las Vegas as being all over the Internet as "Robot Steals the Show at CES.")

PLEASE NOTE: Our famous robot can be seen promoting and advertising each client listed below on video. Please, contact us for further information or to see the client of your choice on video at The fact is: we have provided a robot show and a live promotional exhibit for many clients since the '70's. Our robot show has evolved and transformed throughout many years, while changing its name, location, and the amazing engineering of our giant robots. Nevertheless, like any other historical concept, we have taken video of our client's shows and promotions, while captivating millions of guests, leaving them talking our client's events for years to come.

As our list of clientele continues to grow, we proudly present to you the outstanding clients of KING ROBOTA' historical journey for many years. While others plan their future, we are busy making history.