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We Make 8 Feet Tall and 2.5 Meter Rolling Female Robots

You can buy your own BIG female or male robot TODAY! KING ROBOTA Robots are the first and leading BIG robot entertainment makers, since 1974. You can utilize your robot year round for corporate events, tradeshows, festivals, auto shows, TV, and many more - all while making BIG money doing it. KING ROBOTA makes 8-10 feet tall female rolling robots.

Your robot will captivate and AMAZE people of all ages.


Send us an inquiry to receive a price quote. To receive a reply, we require you to provide us with all information listed below; so that, our sales team may review your request and reply promptly. Please email all information requested below to, with the subject "Inquiry to Purchase a Robot".

  1. Purchaser's First and Last Name
  2. Email
  3. Cell Phone
  4. Company Name
  5. What is your position?
  6. Company Website Link
  7. What language do you speak?
  8. Do you speak English? If not, you will need a friend, family member, or translation company who speaks English.
  9. How did you hear about us?
  10. What country and/or region do you live in?
  11. What country/region are you planning on using your robot?
  1. Do you want an 8 feet tall basic male robot, operated by human performer?
  2. Do you want the most popular new model, 9 feet tall fully loaded robot, with a voice changer and water sprayer upgrade, operated by a human performer?
  3. Do you want the 10 feet tall fully loaded rolling robot, where a human can ride and control the robot from the inside?
  4. Do you want the 10 feet long electric riding car, with a built-in sound system and robot docking station?
  5. Although we make many different robots please, send us a screen shot of one ofthe KING ROBOTA robots that you would like to have.
  6. Do you want an 8 feet tall, fully loaded, rolling female robot?
  7. When do you plan to buy your robot?

Our Clients

KING ROBOTA's clients are available on video from our many years of service, since 1974.