1. How tall is KING ROBOTA? Our most popular KING ROBOTA robots are 8 feet tall. However, each robot is custom built and created with its own height and dimensions. We build robots from 6 feet tall to 16 feet tall, depending on the need of the client or the appearance of its robotics.

  2. Are the robots real, or is there a man in there? Because of the outstanding robotic craftsmanship and electronic animatronic movements, we receive this question consistently. We build 100% real robots and animatronic robots. Therefore, some of our robots are half robotics and some are complete robotics.

  3. What inspired you to start building robots? We were inspired by TV and movie robots. Back in the early 60s, we were inspired by the TV shows, Robby the Robot and Johnny Sokko The Robot. During the 70s, the Japanese robot Jet Jaguar movie with Godzilla inspired us. We expanded our curiosity and talents at many science and art fairs. It all started in 1972 building a small robot out of household parts - such as record player and washing machine motors for a school science fair. As time went on, coming up as B-Boys (better known as a breakdance/robot dancing), we swept through many talent shows entering as costumed robot dancers. Throughout the years, we have altered, upgraded, and enhanced the KING ROBOTA family robotic features. Graduating from college, we added the computer programming, mechanical engineering, artistic craftsmanship experience to our repertoire. The many robot faces of KING ROBOTA are inspired by the robotic frown of Iron Man and the mechanical and rugged facial structure of the movie Predator and Judge Dredd.

  4. What is KING ROBOTA made of? Our robots are made up of different materials, circuits,and wires. Depending on the needs of its animatronics and capabilities, the robot could be made up of plastics, metals, and of course,real steel. All of our user friendly, hands on, public robots are made of plastic, major electronic, and high tech motor controllers. KING ROBOTA's robotic facial features are inspired by the movie Judge Dredd and Iron Man. We hand craft the mouth and facial features to have a mixture of a frown and a smile like Judge Dredd, Iron Man, and Terminator.

  5. What do you charge for a KING ROBOTA performance or appearance? In order to receive an accurate price please,fill out the KING ROBOTA Booking Inquiry Form. After completing this form, you will receive an accurate price which will be based on distance, location, the amount of shows, the length of shows, and the capacity of guests.

  6. How long are KING ROBOTA performances or appearances? Each appearance is based on the client's event or personal preferences for the event. Because of the weight capacity, batteries, and technical requirements, KING ROBOTA usually performs 30-40 minutes per show. The amount of shows per event will be determined by the owners of KING ROBOTA and the client.

  7. How many robots do you have?As they cling, and sing, move, and groove, there are presently approximately 23 robots roaming the earth. Some we have custom made and franchised for other companies. Many of our KING ROBOTA models are under high demand as we send them out on a mission to wow and entertain the world.

  8. How can I buy and start my own robot business? Do you want to become a Robot performer with the Best robot show on the planet? Please, see our Buy a Robot Page for more info. You can start your own robot business .You can perform, or just pay a performer to work major Shows and Events for you. Be a part of the next big thing!

    KING ROBOTA, the world's greatest robot show, is now building and selling hi-tech customized robots! We are now building and selling 6-8 Foot Tall Robot Animatronic LED robots to custom fit you or your performer and get you started with your own robot business!

    Other robot companies know that we are beyond competition because their robot shows are limited, pre-recorded, repetitive and dated. Our robots never repeat the same show, have humor and unlimited capabilities and amazing mechanical robotic features. As you may have seen on world TV and all over the Internet, our robots, gadgets, and technology are extremely popular now. Be a part of the next big thing.

  9. How far does KING ROBOTA travel? KING ROBOTA travels all over the world for all genres of appearances - such as celebrity events, TV/Movie appearances, commercials, electronic shows, auto shows, and award shows.

In loving memory of the beginning.