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You can start your own robot business KING ROBOTA
Robots and technology are in high demand. Make BIG money year round while having fun doing it. Robots and technology are BIG business today and under high demand. Please, contact us by phone at +1 615-573-2575 for a short phone conference. If you are out of country, you will need to call with a translator or interpreter who speaks US English.


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With his hi-tech strategic and industrial-sized build, he is suited for everything from corporate events to product launches, from exhibition entertainment to film and music show work. Ideal for corporate events, product launches, exhibition entertainment, schools, and parties.

Please note: Individuals contact us from all over the world. We must know who you are. To receive an accurate quote please, choose one of the robot models listed below. Then, email your information back to us at kingrobota@yahoo.com; so that, we can answer any questions and get additional information to you.


To receive a reply you MUST send us the following information in full.


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KR 13



KR14 Advanced



Titanic the Robot

KING ROBOTA Titanic the Robot


This robot comes in many colors.

KING ROBOTA Titanic the Robot Color Chart


Extended Features


You may add additional features to your robot, as listed below.


KING ROBOTA Water Sprayers

Robot Eye Water Jet Sprayers

Built in push button electronic jet water sprayers. This unit is usually used for special effects for your robot to make gestures of crying or songs that sing about raining or crying/comedy. If you have any questions or need technical assistance please, contact us.



Custom Robot Digital Voice Changer

Mobile wireless digital voice changer. With this device you can now speak in a robot voice for your robot. This device comes with complete wireless microphone for Performer and Assistant to speak live for the robot in a robotic voice. Comes complete with two wireless microphones, two receivers, and a digital voice changer box. If you have any questions or need technical assistance please, contact us.


KING ROBOTA Back View Camera

Inside Back View Camera and TV

Built in electronic TV Monitor with Back View Camera. This device is helpful and useful for the Performer to see behind the robot. It’s also helpful when backing up and to see how close he is to an area. Complete wiring and connection with an on/off switch connected to battery power. This unit has a color digital small monitor. If you have any questions or need technical assistance please, contact us.


Built in Electronic Robotic Fog Machine

By the push of a button or wireless remote control, your robot can appear to smoke with special effects of losing power or just fogging at a party or event. With the wire harness and branch tubing,you can have your robot send fog out of the robot’s body areas by a simple push of a button. If you have any questions or need technical assistance please, contact us.

KING ROBOTA Drill Sound Effects

Robot Body Movement / Drill Sound Effect

Built in electronic button that connects to drill/motor sounds of your robot moving. When your robot walks or makes movements, you can accurately make sound effects to bring out the mechanical character of your robot. This unit can also be used for sound bites or other creative sound effects that you may choose to record on it. If you have any questions or need technical assistance please, contact us.


Watch this amazing video of the KING ROBOTA experience!

KING ROBOTA is the only one of his kind to consistently upgrade his technology to provide the most unique and amazing entertainment showcase. After over 30 years in the making, KING ROBOTA took the world like a perfect storm of entertainment. KING ROBOTA can be booked for any kind of event, appearance, and a diverse range of shows. With his hi-tech, strategic, and industrial-size build, KING ROBOTA is suited for everything from corporate events to product launches and exhibition entertainment. KING ROBOTA appeals to all ages, cultures, ethnic groups, and languages. KING ROBOTA is now franchising in four countries and counting: Russia, Japan, Taiwan, and The United States. Coming soon to your part of the world: London, England, Dubai, Hong Kong, China, Canada, Australia, Germany, Vietnam, Thailand, Africa, Mexico, Chile, and Spain. This amazing robot showcase has been introduced to the planet successfully. KING ROBOTA, The World's Greatest Robot Show, has amazed millions and entertained a number of sold out events and showcases. For more information please, go to our Contact Page.

KING ROBOTA mechanically engineered from the ground up