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KING ROBOTA is an 8 foot tall hi-tech, futuristic, world-class talent that will WOW your guests. The KING ROBOTA Show provides a unique combination of strategic comedy, singing, dancing and music. He talks live or uses pre-recorded scripted material. 
Ideal for corporate events, product launches, exhibition entertainment, corporate entertainment, and special events.

KING ROBOTA can be booked for corporate events, product launches, and exhibition entertainment. He transforms his show to fit any kind of event, appearance, and a diverse range of shows. KING ROBOTA appeals to all ages, cultures, ethnic groups, and languages since 1974. Previous clients include Apple, DigiKey, Formula 1, America's Got Talent, Dell, and CES.

For prices, more information, or to book KING ROBOTA please, email us at, making sure to provide as much information as possible. A representative will contact you; so that, you may receive the information that you require.

We look forward to possibly being a part of your event, making it unforgettable and successful.

Buy an 8 Foot Tall Robot
Start your own 8 feet tall robot show in your part of the world. This hi-tech, strategic, and industrustrial-sized robot is suited for year round entertainment.

Auto Shows/Boat/RV
KING ROBOTA is made of 100% auto parts. As he walks, interacts, promotes, and advertises your Auto, Car, Truck, Boat, Bike, or RV Show.

Fairs & Festivals
KING ROBOTA becomes a true Comic Bot as he blasts into a agricultural mood of entertainment.

Film Premieres/Festivals
KING ROBOTA can adapt to a live voice or pre-recorded impersonation to fit the theme of your film premiere/festivals.

Music Fests/Celebrity Parties
KING ROBOTA is a real dance machine. LET'S GET YOUR PARTY STARTED. He performs to all music: Rock, Country, Hip-Hop, Techno/Electro, and Blues.
Awards Shows
KING ROBOTA can host, interact, or perform scripted parts for Film, Music, Red Carpet, or Corporate event material.

Stage Show Appearances
KING ROBOTA is flexible and adjustable and verbally compatible to any stage show appearance or script.
Law Enforcement/Crime Stoppers Events
KING ROBOTA is the official Robocop for ATF. He promotes "no guns and no drugs" and " Kids say yes to a healthy lifestyle."
Tradeshows or Booth
KING ROBOTA is a walking billboard of advertising for the entire tradeshow or for just drawing attention to a personal booth.

Corporate Events
KING ROBOTA opens conferences and banquets while merging over into the after parties and affairs of your corporate associates.

Family & Kids Events
KING ROBOTA is a gentle giant as he merges into his family oriented show, interacting and entertaining families and kids of all ages.
TV Appearances
KING ROBOTA is a talented combination of comedy, music, and dancing with unlimited moving body functions for a TV show or studio.
Product Launches

KING ROBOTA is a perfect fit for product launches and advertisements. KING ROBOTA is a mechanical, visual, and verbal advertisement attraction.
Education Events
KING ROBOTA makes appearances for graduations and presents a School Assembly for all grade levels, including college programs.
Fashion Shows
KING ROBOTA is the opening act, intermission, host, or interaction of any fashion show. He takes your fashion show to the next level of technology.

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After over 30 years in the making, KING ROBOTA took the world like a perfect storm of entertainment. KING ROBOTA can be booked for any kind of event, appearance, and a diverse range of shows. KING ROBOTA appeals to all ages, cultures, ethnic groups, and languages since 1974. KING ROBOTA is now franchising in four countries and counting: Russia, Japan, Taiwan, and The United States. Coming soon to your part of the world: London, England, Dubai, Hong Kong, China, Canada, Australia, Germany, Vietnam, Thailand, Africa, Mexico, Chile, Spain, India, Belgium, Bangkok, and Rio de Janero.

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United States of America, Headquarters
USA, Headquarters Telephone: +1 615 573 2575

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Russia, KING ROBOTA Franchise Dealer

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USA, Headquarters Telephone: +1 615 573 2575