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About Us

First, it was a dream ... Now it’s reality.

Led by courage and imagination, a group of artists and talented inventors joined together to create the greatest robot wonder of the world, KING ROBOTA. This creative group includes engineers, fabricators , 3D molders, and master movie prop makers. KING ROBOTA comes from four generations of robot creations, evolving with different names throughout the years. KING ROBOTA was the first in the world to launch a giant, robot, entertainment, public show LIVE.


The world famous KING ROBOTA live show concept started in 1974. Nevertheless, KING ROBOTA has stood the test of time to maintain a position as the most followed, innovative, entertaining robot show on the planet! KING ROBOTA is the Official Future of Entertainment.

KING ROBOTA is the only one of his kind to consistently upgrade its technology to provide the most unique, innovative, and amazing robot entertainment showcase. After many years in the making, KING ROBOTA took the world like a perfect storm of entertainment, utilized by corporations and event companies worldwide. KING ROBOTA can be booked for many kinds of events, appearances, and a diverse range of shows. KING ROBOTA appeals to all ages, cultures, ethnic groups, and languages. KING ROBOTA has global branch offices locations and currently operating in in over 10 countries, as seen on this video: KING ROBOTA, The World's Greatest Robot Show, has amazed millions and entertained at a number of sold out events and showcases.


KING ROBOTA got its idea of building robots from the old 1956 television show, Robby The Robots. Years later, KING ROBOTA was also inspired by the robot in the 1960's television show, Lost in Space. The ideas for the sleek robot heads made by KING ROBOTA comes from the movies, Iron Man, Ultron, Judge Dredd and Terminator. The sleek LED eyes and top head comes from Iron Man. The round circular jaw with a round whole comes from a mixture of Ultron (of The Avengers movie) and ABC’s Judge Dredd Hollywood Movie. Some of our other heads, which feature a custom cut hole through the mouth to develop the skeletor head with the box shaped jaw bone, is a combination of Terminator, Iron Man, and the Cyberman robots from the television series, Dr. Who.

When KING ROBOTA first started in the ‘70’s, there were no social networks – such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Most of all, there were no cell phone cameras or personal computers. Nevertheless, one great thing that we did have was film and video. We utilized that technology to document KING ROBOTA’s progress throughout the years. Therefore, KING ROBOTA has video footage. Please, see our humble beginnings on the Internet.

When you search Google for "KING ROBOTA 1974", you will see many of our robot creations worldwide and, most likely, other robots that we have inspired who have copied our BIG robot LIVE show concept. The fact is that any BIG public LIVE robot shows that you see, KING ROBOTA has either engineered, built, or inspired them with our persistent new ideas and creations. Our 8 Feet Tall Robot, KING ROBOTA, is followed by many celebrities and over sixty major corporations on Twitter. KING ROBOTA makes both 10 feet tall, 100%, REAL, remote-controlled, GIANT robots and exoskeletons. Throughout the years, KING ROBOTA has become the most beloved robot show on the planet.

KING ROBOTA has acquired countless longterm contractual agreements with world renowned corporations and celebrities. After building numerous robots for clients, KING ROBOTA took the Internet by storm, becoming the most followed robot show on Twitter, the most liked on Facebook, and the most viewed live robot show on YouTube - confirming KING ROBOTA is the greatest robot show in the world and the official future of entertainment.

While others plan their future, KING ROBOTA is busy making history. Experience KING ROBOTA. Brace Yourselves!